Brooke Bond Red Label Tea, 1 kg


  • Broke bond Tea when drunk on its own, without milk and sugar, not only tastes great but contains virtually no calories. This means that tea is an excellent accompaniment to a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.
  • Red Label Tea is hydrating and ranked as the second most ideal fluid choice for hydration after water. Hydration is essential in maintaining health and wellbeing.
  • Red Label Tea is a rich source of flavonoids in the diet. It has been shown that in tea drinking populations, tea provides a significant contribution to daily flavonoid intake. A positive association has been linked between regular tea consumption (2-3 cups of tea, without milk and sugar) and protection against cardiovascular disease.
  •  Broke Bond Tea contains L-theanine and low levels of caffeine which together may have positive effects in helping individuals keeping alert.
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